Thomas Legeza-Narvaez

       I am currently a third year at the University of Cincinnati (UC) and am majoring in Neuropsychology. I am also in the University Honors Program (UHP) at UC and in many organizations here on campus. I am a also a Resident Adviser on campus and help students with their transition into college through their first year. Along with this I am also participating in behavioral research at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

       By participating in the UHP and other organizations I hope to further my knowledge in chemistry and mathematics as I have a natural talent and love for both of them. The reason for this talent in math and chemistry is because of my ability to think logically and problem solve, which was proven when I took the Gallup Strengths Test through the UHP. By taking this test, I was able to focus on my strengths and improve on my relationships between others, personal and professional, and on my work ethic to become a well rounded person with specialties in STEM subject matter.

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